Developed in the early 1980's by Dr. Leonard Pike, a horticulture professor at Texas A&M University, Texas 1015 Onions are actually named for their optimum planting date, October 15.

Grown only in the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas, this large, prized onion was developed after ten long years of extensive research, endless testing and a million dollars in cost. As a result, Texas achieved a mild, exceptionally sweet onion that lives up to its nickname - the "Million Dollar Baby".

Onions are Texas' leading vegetable crop. The state produces mostly sweet yellow varieties. The sweet onion was adopted as Texas' official state onion in 1997.










 Texas 1015 Rio Sweet onion field in Pharr, TX. L-R: Mike Martin, R.L. Dreibelbis & Ken Martin, all of Rio Queen Citrus, Inc.


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